Ok, I really stink at this blog posting.....for some reason, I can't add pictures anymore. Therefore, I give up.

Well, so much for the previous post about my lifestyle change with healthy eating. Give me some gluten, Baby!!! Call me a rebel (some people do) but I'd rather do my own thing rather than have someone tell me what I CAN'T have or do! Besides, healthy eating made me FAT!

Mom is cancer free!!!!!!!! Thank God for that!

Let me just add a few recent photos I took to this little "update".

It's so wonderful to have some wheat for our cattle to graze this year! There really isn't much of it to go around here. It's been a dry season! Sometimes living in God's Country, Texas, you get blessings you probably really don't deserve!

I would like to thank my wonderful ex-husband (weird kind of oxy-moronish, yeah I know....very long story) and his smashingly, beautiful wife for allowing me to take their family pictures!

I think this looks very album-coverish.

Seeing as I can't add another picture to this post (???) I am going to end it. See next post for the sequel.